What is Masonix?

We are entering a new digital age of Freemasonry and Masonix is making you part of it.

Masonix is free Masonic software for Android and iOS that has been designed and crafted to allow Freemasons engage with the Fraternity using a smartphone or tablet. Find your Lodges, Meetings, Rituals, and organise your entire Masonic life through our app.

Our Masonic smartphone app has now been released on Android devices, and is almost at its completion for iPhone and iPad (early November 2019).


Discover the world's Masonic Lodges!

Filter your search by a variety of choices e.g. "Lodges in UGLE"; "Lodges in the South Wales province"; "Mark Lodges" etc. or by simply typing in what you're looking for and Masonix will find it.

Use our fully integrated Google Maps to see what's around you anywhere in the world.

Favourite your most frequently visited Lodges in order to quickly access them and see what's coming up.


Carry your Lodges' rituals in your pocket wherever you go!

Commit your next ritual to memory with our learning aid, highlighting your current office's parts and quickly move between your previous and next lines.


Find upcoming meetings you'd like to attend!

Search for Lodge meetings by date, Province, Order, or by typing part of the Lodge's name. Easily contact the secretary of a meeting you'd like to attend by using the inbuilt email or call feature.

Keep track of which meetings you're attending directly within the app, and let Masonix add them to your Google Calendar at the click of a button.